There is no duck you idiot!

Scott Guthrie on RvBScott Guthrie cameos on a Red vs Blue special on channel9.  Gotta love RvB.  This video is part of the AJAX.NET launch promotion that Scott is involved in, but never mind that, it’s worth seeing just to see Scott take out Donut painted as a blue.

You’ll need to download the WPF/E CTP to view it, it’s only a 1.1M download though.

I haven’t been keeping up with the latest series of RvB, I feel an all-night viewing session coming on!

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FeedDemon 2.0 Easter Egg

FeedDemon 2.0 easter eggNick Bradbury once again reinforces his position as the coolest developer on the planet by showing how to run an easter egg in FeedDemon 2.0. A great little egg it is too, a game where you have to catch the falling news items (in the FeedDemon’s hand no less) while avoiding the blog spam.

You’ve gotta love easter egg games, especially ones that are actually entertaining too! It’s a bit like Arkanoid without the ball, you’ve got to catch the good falling items & avoid the bad ones.

Water cooled Xbox 360

This is possibly the best mod I’ve seen done to an Xbox, adding a water cooling system. Looks great and actually works

Ill start by saying most of the time the noise from the 360 isnt too bad. Its comparable to a home PC or the first versions of the original Xbox and a little louder than the first PS2′s. For most people the noise level is fine but I’m easily irritated. When the 360 heats up and the fans speed up it becomes annoying.

(via Xbox-Scene)

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Day of Defeat free weekend

Day of Defeat: Source is the latest version of the WWII online action game from ValveĀ®. This weekend, everyone is invited to try DoD: Source for free. Join the ranks as Axis or Allies troops located in Western Europe during the height of the war in 1944.

Day of Defeat: Source Free Weekend

Nice, a whole weekend to play for free. Pity there’s no way my poor old pc could handle the game, I even have to run Counter Strike at 800×600. (That’s Counter Strike, not CS:Source)

Stargate MMO might be coming

Stargate enters MMO universe – PC News at GameSpot

With Stargate SG-1 on the verge of becoming the longest-running American sci-fi TV show ever, it seems about time that someone took a crack at turning it into a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for PCs. That someone will be the new development house Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, the company announced today.

Stargate Worlds will let players explore the universe of the film as soldiers and scientists, creating alliances and trade while defending humanity from hostile alien forces. Little has been revealed about the title, but it will draw upon both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis for inspiration.

Could be cool, could suck very badly. I’d get it though, I’m too bigger SG fan not to.

Meanwhile, despite all the troubles, development seems to be progressing on Stargate SG-1: The Alliance. Perception’s website has had regular updates and they recently put out a call for beta testers. (If anyone is, or knows a beta-tester, please drop me a line).

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Oblivion Collectors Edition

Oblivion Cellectors Edition BoxNote: I want this. The collectors editon of Oblivion will include, along with the game, manual & map, a bonus making-of DVD, a replica ‘Septim‘ (the currency of the Empire) and a ‘Pocket guide to the Empire

I’m torn as to whether I want it on the PC or the Xbox. My PC isn’t really good enough to appreciate the graphics, but the Xbox version won’t have the TES Construction Set. Decisions, decisions…

Either way, bring on March 21st

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The Elder Scrolls – Oblivion screenshots

Morrowind, such a great game, and it was the definitive RPG for the Xbox. I mean Fable is fun and the whole "turn evil before my eyes" thing is cool, but it just can’t compete with the amazing scope of Morrowind. Example: in Fable you can search bookcases for things to steal. In Morrowind you can steal every single book of the shelf, and read them, some with dozens of pages of history, stories and tutorials.

There’s been a few teasers for Oblivion, the next in the series, but someone leaked a whole bunch of screenshots to a forum. Gaming-360 picked them up and had them on display for a while, until Bethesda asked them to take them down. Fortunately they were grabbed by other people too, and someone has posted them on photobucket for all to see. Have a look quick before the cease-and-desist letters start flying.Too late, they’ve been taken down

Oh, and one more thing: in-game rideable animals. Yay!

Kings Quest IX given the royal blessing

Kings Quest IX: A Silver Lining, a fan game inspired by the old Sierra Kings Quest series has been in development by Phoenix Online Studios since 2002. They were due to release it this month, but in September Vivendi, who now own Sierra, responded in the way most corporations do to their most fanatical fans: they sent them a cease and desist letter. So the Save Kings Quest IX campaign was created, and, surprisingly enough, Vivendi found a clue and has said they can release the game.

So, kudos to Vivendi for responding so well. Obviously what happened is that some middle-manager with delusions of legal competence sent the original cease & desist letter to Phoenix. When the SKQIX campaign got underway and the petitions started appearing in the Vivendi forums, upper management got wind of it and realised that ticking off your fan base isn’t really a good idea.

So I’m looking forward to the 1st release of this early next year.