WordPress 2.3.1 adds Windows Live Writer tagging support

New WordPress release, minor revision number update.  There’s a bunch of bug fixes, security patches and speed improvements, but the best new bit is that now your blog will turn Windows Live Writer keywords into tags for the post.  Once again showing why I love using WordPress, the developers aren’t just inward looking.  They’re seeing what’s else is out there that people use, and adding features to work with them too.  None of this "not invented here" complex.

Note: This is not the ‘Insert Tags…’ link on the WLW sidebar, that will still insert the Technorati (or whatever) links inside the div with the GUID id attribute (why does it do that?).

To get the WordPress tags working, view the properties bar (hit F2 inside WLW or click the little up arrows next to the ‘set publish date’ box. Then put the tags you want into the keywords field, comma separated.  When you publish the post, the keywords will be turned into tags on post.

Great simple new feature that makes it just that little bit easier to post.  I no longer have to go into the WP post edit page to update the tags for a new post, in fact, I rarely go to the edit page at all now.

As an aside, does anyone know how to change WLW so that it’s the keywords field that shows up by default at the bottom of the new post window instead of the set categories drop-down?

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