It's new release week

New software releases in the last week or so:

  1. TopStyle 3.5 – Awesome, made more so by the fact it’s a free upgrade from v3.0!
  2. FeedDemon 2.6 Beta.  Nick out-does himself by releasing 2 new programs in one week
  3. Freshbooks is releasing v4.1.  Can I just re-iterate to any of my fellow freelancers, that this is an invaluable site, sign up!
  4. AdSense is releasing a new ad format that will allow you to change the look of the ads on your site without changing any code.  Currently in closed beta
  5. Gmail gets IMAP support. Also currently in closed beta.

    and last but not least

  6. Firefox released a new security upgrade!

It always seems like these things come in batches.

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