FeedDemon 2.5 has been released

Nick Bradbury announced the release of FeedDemon 2.5 last week, and it’s got some great new features that make this the #1 RSS reader hands down. The ability to pre-fetch content from pages linked to in feed items is amazingly useful for people on the move, and with the release of Google Gears at the Developer Day, it shows that Nick was on the right track with realising that offline mode is still important. As Aaron Boodman said in his Gears presentation at the Australian Developer Day, you’re offline more than you think.

The ability to have syncronised news bins is very nice, but having a publicly available RSS feed of that bin is simply brilliant.  I’m using it to publish my link blog (thanks for the plug Nick!). 

Also, because FeedDemon syncs with NewsGator, you can now get a list of what items are being linked to by everyone, not just your own local popular topics.  It’s sort of like Tailrank or Techmeme for subscriptions. 

I’ve been running the pre-release version for a week now with no complaints (Actually, I’ve been running the beta versions all the way since 2.0 was released, but anyway).  Go get it here.  Great software, it really is worth the small cost, and for my needs walks all over an online reader like Bloglines or Google Reader.

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