WordPress 2.2 'Getz' has been released

On behalf of the entire WordPress team, I’m proud and excited to announce the immediate availability of version 2.2 ‘Getz’ for download. This version includes a number of new features, most notably Widgets integration, and over two hundred bug fixes. It’s named in honor of tenor saxophonist Stan Getz.

WordPress Development Blog – WordPress 2.2

So much great stuff in this release, built in widgets, full Atom 1.0 support (finally), plugin sandbox for testing new plugins & heaps more.  Lots of new hooks & other features for plugin developers too, which is great.  For a full list see the post above, and make sure you check out Technosailor’s 10 things you should know about WordPress 2.2 post.

As always, congratulations and thanks to Matt and his team for all their work.

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