Powershell cheat sheet

The Windows Powershell Blog has posted a two page cheat sheet for Powershell that was put together by Ben Pearce.  It’s very handy, I’ve already printed this out & sent it to the rest of the development team at work.  It’s in Word 2007 format, which is a bit of a problem for most people as Office 2007′s only been out for a couple of weeks.  What, you mean you didn’t immediately rush out and buy it?! Bill will not be happy with you!

Anyway, I do have Office 2007, so I’ve done up a PDF version of the sheet. You can download it here (200kb). Alternatively a commenter on the Powershell blog has posted a Word 97-2003 document version.

Update: Jeffrey on the PowerShell blog has now posted a PDF version too (see comment below. Thanks Jeffrey!)

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