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The much rumoured ‘Google Office’ suite appears to be materialising.  Carrying on with yet another product release this week, Google has launched Google Docs & Spreadsheets.  It’s a merge of their Writely & spreadsheets applications, which has been widely expected for some time. Both & both now redirect to

This comes on the back of the codesearch release & their aquisition of YouTube (which, as an aside, may be planing to share adsense revenue with the people who post videos). They really seem to go for releasing in batches. Although I don’t know whether the timing of the YouTube purchase & these two product releases were really connected.

As of right now (14:20 AEST, 11-Oct-2006) it seems that spreadsheets aren’t working yet. The New Document link only creates word processor documents & trying to upload an Excel spreadsheet gives me this javascript popup error:

Sorry, Writely does not currently support ‘.xls’ files

Update: New speadsheets & uploading spreadsheets now working.

But uploading & editing a Word document gave me no grief. They also provide an email address that you can send documents to & it will automatically upload them.  A nice feature, it will either convert the text of the email into a document, or accept attachments of one of the document formats (HTML files and plain text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc), Rich Text (.rtf), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and StarOffice (.sxw)) but not spreadsheets yet. I think that this was already a feature in Writely, but I’m not sure.

Also, the ‘New Features’ link up the top of the page 404s.  Oh well, it is still just a beta
Update 2: They’ve fixed that one too!

Techcrunch has an article up on the release already, as does Inside Google.

Keep an eye on Techmeme for latest updates because you know you’ll see it there first!

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