Australia and New Zealand Get Address search in Google Maps

Today we are pleased to announce that geocoding has launched for both Australia and New Zealand. What this means is that you can now convert specific Australian or New Zealand street addresses into latitude & longitude so you can plot them on a map. Go ahead and try it out on Google Maps.

We are looking forward to seeing a flood of creative mashups come out of Australia and New Zealand. There are already a lot of great examples out there in diverse areas such as real estate, adventure tracks and even Australian Football League stadiums. I personally can’t wait to see the ski fields of New Zealand and the best beaches in Australia mashed up!

Australia and New Zealand Get Geocoding

I can’t really add any more to this than “Cool!”.  Domain has recently launched a beta of using the Google Maps as mentioned by the Google post, I think we’ll see a whole lot of Australian sites start this now. Yay!  Kudos to the Domain guys for getting in first!

Also, I didn’t notice this before, but Newcastle now has high-res satellite photos (along with the Geocoding), but my brother just misses out over in Anna Bay.

Other locations I looked up just ’cause I can:

So. Very. Cool.

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