Australian local Skype-in numbers

Skype has finally released local Skype-in numbers for Australia. It’s a 3month or 12 month subscription (AUS$16 or AUS$50) and there’s a whole bunch of numbers to pick from. Good to see we haven’t been forgotten down here!.

The only downside is that all the NSW/ACT numbers are 02 8205 (Sydney Centre) or 02 8011 (Ultimo) prefixed which means that unless the people who’ll be calling you live in within 50km of Sydney, they’ll be paying STD rates. Oh well, at least it’s better than paying international rates to a Skype-in number. It’s the same for the other regional options, the WA, SA & NT group have either 08 9467 (Perth) or 08 8121 (Adelaide) to pick from (No Darwin option at all) and the Vic/Tas group are all 03 9018 (Melbourne) prefixed. Queensland users have a grouping all to themselves, they’re all 07 3102 (Brisbane) prefixed. Hopefully as time passes we’ll get more like their options in the US and be able to pick from a list of area codes.

None the less, this is a good development, one more reason to dump Telstra!

New Job!

Any regular readers (if I have any left) will have noted a slight drop in the posting frequency here. This is mostly due to my new job. The job is great, doubly so because it comes after almost a month of no job, which is no fun at all when you have a wife & 3 kids. The down side to the job is that I am now having to commute over an hour each way every day, which leaves little time for much else :(

Drive HomepageThe job is a bit of a change in direction for me. It’s still a web job, but it’s exclusively .NET (well, there’s a little legacy ASP, but anyway). This is a big change for me, as almost all my prior work has been PHP/Perl based. I’m liking the change, no anti-Microsoft bigotry here, C# is a damn fine language (even if it’s fineness has been largely pilfered from C, Perl and Java). It’s also a change in environments, as the role is the webmaster of the site, which is part of Fairfax digital, Fairfax being one of if not the biggest publisher in Australia. I’ve never really worked in a major corporate environment; it’s been agency stuff mostly. But FD is a great place to work, non-formal environment, friendly people and most importantly, our own espresso machine!

So for the time being, all WordPress Plugins are on hold, this unfortunately includes bug fixes. I will get back to it once my schedule has settled down and I get a stable routine going, but for the time being, duty calls…