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UPDATE: Google Talk has now gone live. It includes a new messaging client which supports voice as well as IM chat. The voice is currently using the XMPP protocol, but they say it will support the open SIP protocol later. Also, according to the comparison page, voice calls only work when you’re using the Google Talk client, not with any other 3rd party client. This is a pity, but hopefully this will change if and when they move to the SIP protocol.

Google’s new chat tool, Google Talk is rumoured to be announced tomorrow (or tonight AUS time), but it seems that the server is live now. I’ve connected with my gmail address, (see instructions for Trillian or Gaim here) and it works. I’ve had a few stability problems, when I first connected it kept dropping me off (Jeremy at Forever Geek & Om Malik have noticed the same thing), but it’s been stable for about an hour now, so I think it’s settled down now.

Niall Kennedy and Matt Mullenweg have got it working and had a chat across the Google server.

If this all pans out, then this will be a huge boost to Jabber, as that is what the service is running. It’s good of Google to use an open protocol like Jabber rather than just coming up with their own (ala MSN, Yahoo, AIM, etc.). It means you can use pretty much whatever client you like (Trillian, Gaim, whatever) and it’s platform independent too. Also, they’ll also be able to build a plugin for their newly released Desktop Sidebar. And if they don’t want to write one, I predict it will take all of a day for someone out there to do it for them.

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