Alarmed but not alert

Whirlpool Forums user Wireless has a microwave access point on their back fence in a weatherproof box. This is aparently a scary thing.

Got home in the arvo today with four cops outside my unit.

Apparently it was due to a black box which I’ve placed on the fence. Some neighbours got so alert (but of course, not alarmed) that they called 1800123400, thinking it was a bomb.

I’ve cut the wire to the weatherproof box (hosting an access point) and opened it up and showed it to them – it’s a very deadly 2.4Ghz microwave radiation weapon.

I can see itthe headlines now Al Qaeda sleeper operative buys house in the suburbs, lives there for years then blows his house up for no apparent reason. Apparently the police were really rude too. That’s not too bright, I mean if he was a terrorist, wouldn’t he be a bit touchy.

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